Cuomo: 'I Don't Buy' CNN’s Report Vaccine Distribution Starting 'From Scratch'


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CNN got caught in an awkward situation Thursday after they first reported that anonymous sources within the Biden administration told them they planned to rebuild COVID vaccine distribution “from scratch.” But shortly thereafter, Dr. Anthony Fauci blew up their story. Apparently, CNN’s reporting was so ridiculous that even PrimeTime host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo says he doesn’t “buy” what his network reported.

Another thing that I don't buy comes out of our reporting. I have two new pieces of reporting. The first one is that people within the administration say they're starting from scratch with the vaccine. No, they're not,” he exclaimed during an interview with Fauci.

From there, Cuomo went on about how it made no sense to start over because there was already a distribution infrastructure in place.


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