Cuomo Freaks Out When GOP Guest Calls Dreamers 'Illegal Aliens'


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The reason so-called “Dreamers” were ever a topic of discussion in American politics was that their legal status under the law was in question due to how they arrived. That’s a fact. But CNN host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo didn’t want to hear it. When former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) acknowledged that Dreamers were “illegal aliens” under the law during Thursday’s PrimeTime, Cuomo freaked out, and attempted (and failed) to shout down his guest.

Towards the end of the segment and after Cuccinelli had schooled him on how Congressional Democrats had abandoned DACA negotiations with President Trump, Cuomo pointed asked: “Do you believe that Dreamers are Americans?”

“No. They're illegal aliens,” Cuccinelli accurately responded. Fredo immediately became enraged and audibly banged his hand on the desk:

CUOMO [banging hand on desk]: And that is the problem. And that's the problem. And that's why you're not going to get a deal.

CUCCINELLI: Well, DACA Stands for deferred action.

CUOMO: Yeah. Yeah.

CUCCINELLI: DACA Stands for deferred action. The action deferred is deportation.

CUOMO: Yeah, I know.

CUCCINELLI: You don’t deport Americans.

In his defense, Cuccinelli noted that he was “just being a lawyer here.” “No, you’re not being a lawyer. You're not being a lawyer,” Cuomo sneered.


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