Cuomo Decries GOP as Not Impartial Jurors, I ‘Want to Traumatize’ Them

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 11, 2021
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As anyone who has passed a high school civics class knows, the impeachment process was not a legal proceeding but a political one. Luckily, CNN host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo knew at least that much. But he spent a lot of Wednesday’s Prime Time decrying Senate Republicans for not being impartial jurors in President Trump’s second impeachment trial. Yet, he never admitted that Democrats weren’t impartial either, and even boasted about one of his guests already calling for Trump’s conviction.

On top of that, Cuomo admitted to wanting to “traumatize” the Republican side of the Senate.

“We know this is a political trial. Okay. We know that. We know the jurors are not impartial. We know that. Mitch McConnell said it,” he said to former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, as if he broke some kind of major case.

But Bharara went on to explain that every member of the Senate, Democrats include, wouldn’t be allowed to jurors in “a real trial” because they’re biased against Trump.


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