Cuomo: Chief Justice Roberts Is a ‘Problem’ for Not Calling Trump ‘Dangerous’


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It started out as a decent Wednesday segment of Cuomo Prime Time, where CNN host Chris Cuomo denounced Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for threatening two Supreme Court justices, saying it was something the public “should not accept.” But it rapidly morphed into yet another bitter bashing session with Cuomo railing against Chief Justice John Roberts for not calling President Trump “dangerous.”

“I don't like it. Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Look, I know Trump says the same crap. That is why it's wrong,” Cuomo declared. “I get Schumer’s concerns and many viewers’ about undoing Roe v. Wade. It's real. You're just not helping by appearing to threaten justices. If you act like what you oppose, how are you any better? And that’s not ‘go high when they go low.’ That's reality.”

Cuomo then pivoted to telling viewers about the “rare rebuke” Roberts put out in a statement soon after. But he turned on a dime and started to bash the Chief Justice.


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