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Cuomo Assails Kobach With Speculation of Vote Manipulation in His Favor


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The race for the Republican nomination for Kansas governor is almost as close as close could be with just 91 votes separating frontrunner Kris Kobach, the current secretary of state, and incumbent governor Jeff Colyer. In an appearance on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, Kobach was badgered with questions by the show’s namesake that suggested he was possibly involved with manipulating the recount.

Host Chris Cuomo had made it clear for a long time that he was no fan of Kobach because of his efforts to investigate voter fraud across the country. And right from the open there was an insinuation that Kobach was up to no good.  

91 votes currently separate the two. So either way, you’re looking at a recount under the law there very likely. But there's one thing,” Cuomo said, turning up the drama. “One of the candidates will be in charge of that recount. That candidate is Kansas's current secretary of state, Kris Kobach as I told you in the open.

Right away, Cuomo questioned Kobach on whether or not he was going to comply with his opponent’s wishes and recuse himself from the recount. “Yeah, we'll be formally answering his request tomorrow, but I'll give you a heads-up. Yes, I'll be happy to recuse myself,” Kobach answered. The Secretary of State also explained that the recusal was more of sportsmanly gesture because his office did not oversee the recount.

Kobach’s answer didn’t seem like the one the CNN host planned on him saying because all of Cuomo’s other speculation was predicated on his guest staying in control.


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