Cuomo Argues Real ‘Choice’ for Masks/Vax Is Government’s to Mandate

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 14, 2021
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CNN Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo was in rare form Monday night as he repeatedly slammed his fist on the desk and shouted about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R). Fredo had a massive problem with DeSantis’s mission to allow people to choose whether or not to wear a mask or get vaccinated. Fredo raged at the idea of people having the ability to choose for themselves suggested the real choice was up to the government to make.

Cuomo, who suffered from what he called “COVID brain,” thought DeSantis was acting hypocritically by fining schools that mandated children wear masks. “The irony here, at the same time the right is slamming Biden for fining companies who don't adhere to vaccine mandates, whether it's masks for kids or the vaccines,” he whined.

He went on to sneer about how “DeSantis keeps trying to frame this as a matter of choice. While taking away the choice of local officials to do what works.”