Cuomo and Friedman: 'For America to Live,' the GOP 'Has to Die'

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 15, 2021
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In November, CNN host Chris Cuomo openly threatened the lives of Republican lawmakers when he warned: “they are going to lose way more than this election.” He even admitted to “targeting” them. And on Monday’s edition of Prime Time, Cuomo continued down that dangerous road by commiserating with New York Times columnist and Communist China sympathizer Tom Friedman about how “for America to live, this party has to die.

After plugging Friedman’s book, Cuomo decried how people on the right would call them out for pushing violence. “Of course, just using the word ‘die’ will have the whole righty fringe throwing you under the bus as the real person asking for violence,” he whined.

Cuomo then went off on Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (who he described as an illness earlier in the show) for saying that the proper venue to hold former President Trump accountable was in an actual court of law.


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