Cuomo: America Has 'Never Once Stopped to Honor' COVID Victims


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On Monday, CNN Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo trading in his usual smearing and lying about Republicans and set his sights on Americans at-large. During his opening diatribe, Fredo asserted that Americans as a people have “never once stopped to honor” those killed by COVID-19, and “we have never once come together as a nation to mourn.” Not only was that an erroneous lie, but he went on to praise President Biden as the one who would help us do that.

After noting the United States had surpassed 500,000 deaths, he proclaimed: “And, again, it has gotten this bad because too many were in denial. And yes, because we had a president that played to that because he thought it worked for him and so did his party.

Of course, there’s always a way for him to bring it back to his visceral and personal hatred for Republicans.

He then asserted that the media and CNN, the cable network with the near-constant death counter, never “played up the death count.” And he had the audacity to blame the viewers for it.


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