Cuomo Agrees With Lincoln Project Stunt, Says it Raised 'Legitimate' Question

Alex Christy | October 30, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Chris Cuomo agreed with the Lincoln Project's Stuart Stevens that the group's Friday anti-Glenn Youngkin hoax raised "legitimate" questions about Youngkin's character and not that the group had to fabricate evidence in an attempt to prove that point.

At first Cuomo seemed to be the reasonable one, asking Stevens, "Some people showed up at a Youngkin event posing as Charlottesville protestors. A group you’re with, the Lincoln Project, owned that it was them, that they posed this way because they wanted people to remember. You're getting crushed by people on the right as a dirty tactic. Do you stand behind what was done and is that being what you guys say you oppose?"

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