Crying for Roe: CNN Claims Women Will Be Barred from Tracking Their Cycle

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 24, 2022
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From the moment the news of Roe v. Wade getting over turned broke on Friday, CNN Newsroom’s panel of partisan hacks and fake journalists feverishly started spewing all kinds of doomsday-saying nonsense. Between legal analyst Jennifer Rodger literally tearing up and claiming women won’t “have the right to track their own cycles,” and chief masturbation expert Jeffrey Toobin wailing “the originalists are winning,” the network was off the rails from the start.

“Standby, Jeffrey. We do have breaking news just in to CNN,” co-host Jim Sciutto announced, getting so quiet you could hear a pin drop on set. “The Supreme Court has just issued – and this is the decision many were waiting for, ruling in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health Organization. This the major case regarding abortion rights in this country.”

Correspondent Jessica Schneider soon made her first appearance to deliver the news “this nation has been bracing for,” grimly reporting “they have eliminated the constitutional right to an abortion.” And continuing to use the false claim that there’s a “right” to kill a baby, co-host Poppy Harlow joined in: “This is a court that's just upended a half-century of law, of a constitutionally protected right to abortion.”


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