Cross Accuses GOP of 'White Supremacy,' Attacks Journalists From Left

Alex Christy | November 13, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Tiffany Cross used her Saturday show on MSNBC to accuse the Republican Party of supporting a "a system of white supremacy" and with self-proclaimed journalist Errin Haines, said there was no difference between political and racial divisions, essentially declaring conservatism is, by definition, racist and criticized journalists for not being willing to see it as such.

Also on the panel was former GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo who argued racism in the GOP was more the fault of former President Trump than the party as a whole. Cross wasn't buying it "Well, I mean, you say Donald Trump, but the truth is this has happened long before Donald Trump became the face of the Republican Party... There were times when, you know, people in the Republican Party haven't really spoken out loud."

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