As COVID Hits Record Highs, Nets Avoid Saying Joe Biden’s Name

Scott Whitlock | January 11, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for the whole story.] As COVID-19 hospitalization rates hit record highs, along with the number of children testing positive, all three networks on Tuesday avoided the obvious elephant in the room: Joe Biden. The President’s name — and his administration's culpability  — was never mentioned during segments on the skyrocketing cases. On CBS Mornings, Gayle King opened the show with the bad news: “The number of kids with COVID hits an all-time high as parents and teachers struggle with this surge.” She explained, “More than 142,000 Americans were in hospitals as of Sunday with the Coronavirus.” She added, “The American Academy of Pediatrics says more than 580,000 children tested positive for the virus last week. That is also an all-time high. This is not good.” 

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