Corporate Media SILENT As Migrant Caravan Overruns Mexican National Guard

MRC Latino | April 3, 2022
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IVAN MACIAS, UNIVISION: Desperation led the migrants to charge the police cordon, which could not contain their advance. They had been waiting for their (legal process) for months, in order to proceed to the United States. Shouting “Freedom!”, they made their way through helmets, batons, and shields. They shove each other and in fact run over fallen undocumented who the guardsmen then tried to detain.

They march jubilantly through several towns. Afterwards, another unit attempted to stop their advance. Using as a battering ram the cross that they carried in peace, they once again advanced by force.

ISSA OSORIO, TELEMUNDO: In Chiapas, migrants twice faced off against elements of the National Guard. They had just traveled seven miles from Tapachula en route to Mexico City, when the (Mexican) National Guard blocked their advance.  

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