Conservative Journalist Andy Ngo Recounts Vicious Assault By Antifa


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On Saturday, conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who reports for Quillette, was brutally beaten with fists and weapons and doused with milkshakes laced with quick-dry cement by the left-wing, domestic terrorist group Antifa. The attack left him hospitalized with damage to his face and a brain hemorrhage.

He was luckily released from the hospital Monday evening and seemed well enough to do an interview with Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson, where he recounted the attack.

Speaking slowly, possibly from the “neurological damage” Carlson told viewers he was suffering from, Ngo explained that he and the protesters “were a literal stone's throw away from Portland's most important institutions of the rule law, the courthouses, the sheriff's office, the central police precinct.” Despite that proximity, Portland police were nowhere to found when Ngo needed them most.

“While hearing people chant ‘No hate, no fear.’ I am suddenly bashed on the back of my head. From behind,” Ngo recalled. According to him, he had never really been in a fight before so it took him a little bit to respond. “When I realized what was happening, it was too late. A mob of people all dressed in black and wearing masks started beating me with their fists. And some of them use objects to hit me.”


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