Conservative-Hating NYT Writer: CPAC Is a 'Festival of Toxic Masculinity'

Donovan Newkirk | March 2, 2021
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On Monday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and his wife/co-host Mika Brzezinski spent much of Morning Joe deriding both speakers and attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference. Scarborough, Brzezinski, and their various guests alternated taking jabs at conservatives and CPAC as a whole. Scarborough played several clips of former President Trump speaking at the conference, but asked his production team to “turn [the clip] off,” because he couldn’t tolerate listening to Trump's voice and mocked CPAC speakers who attended Ivy League schools but advocated against elitism.

NewsBusters’ Mark Finkelstein cleverly pointed out Scarborough’s blatant hypocrisy. In the midst of bashing elitists, Scarborough bragged twice that — although he didn’t attend an Ivy League school — he had, in fact, employed several Ivy Leaguers since he was “twenty-three, twenty-four.” Denouncing elitism while conceding that he benefited from it. Classic.

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