Congresswoman Calls for 'Conflict Entrepreneurs' and 'Truth Commissions' to Hold Conservatives Accountable, No Pushback from Stelter


If you’re single or your Valentine’s Day plans were foiled by an incompetent, authoritative governor who imposed nonsensical and unscientifically based lockdowns and you found yourself at home watching CNN on Sunday, then you likely witnessed Brian Stelter’s extremely obnoxious interview with Representative Sara Jacobs (D-CA). Luckily for you, Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday next year.

The Reliable Sources host interviewed Jacobs primarily to get her reaction to the President Trump’s recent acquittal in the Senate. Stelter introduced Jacobs by unreservedly gushing over the fact that she was new to Congress and had studied radical extremism abroad, when she worked for the State Department under President Barack Obama. Stelter’s praise-filled introduction, of course, neglected to mention the fact that Jacobs is the granddaughter of the extremely wealthy founder of Qualcomm.

Stelter could have conducted a nonpartisan and, quite frankly, an important interview regarding campaign financing or the role of money in politics, but, instead, he continued to obsesses over the previous administration and inexorably demand repercussions for conservatives.

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