Condescending Joy Reid Smears ‘Clinton Cash’; ‘No Evidence’ Clintons Used Foundation for Gain

Curtis Houck | August 17, 2016
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Always one of the more egregious liberal pundits in dismissing Clinton scandals, MSNBC’s Joy Reid filled in for Chris Hayes on Wednesday’s All In and sought to imply that since Breitbart News chief executive and now Trump campaign chief executive Steve Bannon helped fund the organization that allowed Peter Schweizer to write Clinton Cash, the book’s claims are not just “false” but reckless. 

On multiple occasions, Reid behaved rather condescendingly in shaking her head that the pay-for-play allegations were “false claims” and the book included “no evidence to back up those allegations” that “the Clintons ever used the Clinton foundation to enrich themselves or allowed its work to influence her decisions as secretary of state.”

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