Comedy Shows Use Hunter Verdict To Push Gun Control, Attack GOP, Trump

Alex Christy | June 12, 2024
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All five of the late night comedy talk show hosts managed to acknowledge the existence of Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict on their Tuesday shows, but mentioning something is not the same thing as joking about it. Instead, the quintet used the verdict to go after Donald Trump, Republicans, and lament the lack of gun control in America.

On CBS, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert reported on Hunter’s guilty verdict and replied, “Now, that is truly shocking news. Evidently, in America, there is a wrong way to buy a gun. I didn't know that. I had no idea. I've never heard that before.”

Colbert also didn’t see what the big deal was, “Now, it's no secret how I feel about Trump's conviction. So, ethically and morally, I have to be consistent and say that, in light of this verdict, I don't believe Hunter Biden should be president.”

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