Comedy Is Dead: John Oliver Demands More Power for Dems, Death to Filibuster

Scott Whitlock | February 15, 2021
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[See Newsbusters for more.] Comedy really is dead. Now that Democrats are in power in Washington, will HBO host John Oliver hold them to account in the same way he savaged Republicans? No. On Sunday, he called for Democrats to have MORE power and attacked moderate members of the party for not eliminating the filibuster. After calling for Democratic-supported efforts to “help curb state-level attempts at voter suppression," the Last Week Tonight host ranted, “Unfortunately, the best shot those bills have at getting enacted is if Democrats end the filibuster. And to do that, every senate Democrat would need to be on board. The problem there is, one of those Democrats is Joe Manchin.” After mocking Manchin’s calls to retain the filibuster, Oliver singled out one of the other handful of moderate Dems in the Senate, Kyrsten Sinema: “And it's not just Manchin. Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema and Dianne Feinstein have also defended the filibuster.”


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