Cold Shoulder: Nets Ignore Green Energy Frozen Out in Texas


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Parts of Texas were in a dangerous situation Tuesday as back-to-back freezing weather systems left the Lone Star state with rolling blackouts as the power grid struggled to heat homes. But while the broadcast networks gawked at their plight, one even blaming it on a lack of federal control, they failed to tell viewers the truth: so-called green energy systems such as wind turbines were freezing over, preventing them from generating the much-needed power.

“In parts of Texas and Oklahoma temperatures haven't been this low in 100 years, causing pipes to freeze and then explode, and taxing an electrical grid not designed to heat tens of millions of homes,” announced anchor Norah O’Donnell near the top of CBS Evening News.

Covering the struggles of average Texans, correspondent Omar Villafranca reported: “Over three million Texans are still without power because the state's grid can't keep up with the demand. And millions more are subject to rolling blackouts, some as long as 30 hours.”


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