Colbert Wants to Pretend Buttigieg isn’t Very Liberal: Don’t Get ‘Pigeonholed!’

Scott Whitlock | September 6, 2019
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Stephen Colbert’s Late Show has become a required stopping point for 2020 Democrats. Making it clear that he has no interest in bipartisan jokes, Colbert is basically stumping for all the contenders. On Thursday’s show, the host tried to pretend that Mayor Pete Buttigieg isn’t extremely liberal. Talking to the man who has hard-left views on guns, abortion, wants to pack the Supreme Court and eliminate the electoral college, Colbert seized on Buttigieg’s use of the term "ideological centrism." The comedian pretended, “So, when you say ideological centrism... are you saying that to make sure you don't get pigeonholed into the things the press seems to be talking about. You’re either incrementalist or your radical change. Where do you fall in that artificial split?” 

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