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Colbert Trashes 'Heretic to Reality' Trump During Interview With CNN's Cooper


During Wednesday's edition of Anderson Cooper 360, the eponymous host aired an excerpt of his lengthy interview with Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show. Not surprisingly, the interview involved plenty of Trump-bashing on the part of both Cooper and Colbert. Colbert began the interview by brownnosing and talking about how he watches AC 360 every night while making sure to point out that he fast forwarded through segments involving guests, specifically former CNN Contributor and Acting Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli. Colbert told Cooper "I blame you for Ken Cuccinelli." The duo were outraged about Cuccinelli's "rewriting" of Emma Lazarus's poem, which Cooper described as a "fundamental bedrock marker of who we are." Colbert agreed, describing The New Colossus as part of "this emotional Constitution that America has" before trashing President Trump for assaulting the emotional Constitution and calling him a "heretic to reality."

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