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Colbert Pushes Back at Melber's Claim of Objectivity: 'You Guys Bang a Drum Over There Sometimes'


MSNBC host Ari Melber appeared on The Late Show Tuesday night.  Not surprisingly, the Mueller probe came up; with Colbert asking Melber what "the people over at the People's Republic of MSNBC" think of impeachment.  Melber responded: "I think there is substantial evidence in the Mueller report that the President committed crimes in office." Melber seemed to believe that the Democrats have not been strong enough in their push for impeachment: "now they're saying, 'well, we don't want to impeach because of politics.' I don't think that's a good reason to do anything, really." When Melber proclaimed that "we're not reporting it out gunning for one outcome," Colbert shockingly pushed back: "you guys don't advocate at all over at MSNBC? You guys, come guys bang a drum over there sometimes." Melber once again tried to pass himself off as objective before the interview came to a close: "On The Beat, we're not advocating for an outcome." The facts tell a different story.  Just weeks ago, the MSNBC host expressed his hope that the "hidden Mueller report" would contain "very substantial" information damaging to President Trump. 

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