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Colbert: ‘Not That Offensive’ Kaepernick Sits Because National Anthem at Sports Is ‘Marketing’


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<p>Liberal hero and CBS&rsquo;s<em> Late Show</em> host Stephen Colbert brought his fans to a fever pitch on Wednesday&rsquo;s show as he proclaimed that it&rsquo;s <strong>&ldquo;not that offensive&rdquo; </strong>49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sits during the National Anthem to protest supposed oppression of minorities by police officers because the whole reason it&rsquo;s played at sporting events isn&rsquo;t patriotism but instead a <strong>&ldquo;marketing&rdquo;</strong> gimmick.</p>

<p>Naturally, Colbert tried to use history to bolster his case, but forgot an important fact such as&nbsp;<em>The Star-Spangled Banner </em>receiving the distinction by the U.S. government in 1931 plus lacked any self-awareness in how liberal corporatism back LGBT groups and their demands instead of religious freedom is indeed marketing.</p>

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