Colbert, Booker Cast Doubt On SCOTUS Legitimacy Because Of Senators From Wyoming

Alex Christy | June 11, 2024
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CBS’s Stephen Colbert rolled out the welcome mat for New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker for a three segment interview on Monday’s installment of The Late Show. In segment one, the duo would portray former President Trump’s guilty verdict as beyond critics, while in segments two and three, they wildly speculated about the Supreme Court overturning Brown v. Board of Education and cast doubt on the Court’s legitimacy because the justices were confirmed by senators from Wyoming and the Dakotas.


Later, in segment three, Colbert asked, “You’ve been in the Senate for over ten years and as a member of the Senate, how do you feel about my feeling about what's killing this country is the United States Senate specifically?”

Elaborating, he added, "Those people on the Supreme Court that were put there were voted in by Senators who represent 41 million fewer Americans than, at the time, the minority party, the Democrats. So, of course, the judge in Texas, those people in the Supreme Court, Aileen Cannon for Pete's sake, they are not representative of the will of the American people. How can the United States be a democratic representative country if the Senate continues its present structure because you continue to have the courts and the Senate move further away. Two senators from Wyoming have the same votes as two senators from California or in New York and represent a fraction of the number of people. One man, one vote goes to die in the Senate."

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