Colbert and Booker Portray Trump Verdict As Above Criticism, Wonder If SCOTUS Will Overturn Brown

Alex Christy | June 11, 2024
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CBS’s Stephen Colbert rolled out the welcome mat for New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker for a three segment interview on Monday’s installment of The Late Show. In segment one, the duo would portray former President Trump’s guilty verdict as beyond critics, while in segments two and three, they wildly speculated about the Supreme Court overturning Brown v. Board of Education and cast doubt on the Court’s legitimacy because the justices were confirmed by senators from Wyoming and the Dakotas.

Regarding the Trump verdict, Colbert wondered, “What about the accusation that this is not actually -- so there's no crime here?”

Booker replied by arguing that because the jury voted to convict, that must mean there was nothing wrong with the case, “So, you have a jury that was selected by the prosecutors and the defense. They agreed on a jury of 12 people that ranged from Fox News watchers all the way to no news watchers. These folks considered the facts, the law, and the evidence. They deliberated after a six-week trial and came back unanimously with 34 counts.”

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