Cocky Clift: Wendy Davis's Pro-Abortion Filibuster Will Turn Texas 'Baby Blue'

Geoffrey | July 1, 2013
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Eleanor Clift let the liberal media hype surrounding Nancy Davis go to her head as she boldly predicted the Texas Democratic State Senator's filibuster on abortion would "turn the state baby blue."

The Daily Beast contributor made the electoral forecast during the "predictions" segment of the syndicated McLaughlin Group over the weekend. For the record Texas hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1976.

The following excerpt was aired on the June 30,2013 edition of The McLaughlin Group:


ELEANOR CLIFT: State Senator Wendy Davis in Texas, with her 11-hour filibuster, will begin to turn the state baby blue.

MCLAUGHLIN: Yeah great TV, by the way.


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