CNN’s Tapper Calls Out Disney and NBA for ‘Bowing’ to Genocidal China


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In closing out CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, host Jake Tapper unloaded on the Walt Disney Company and the NBA for “openly thanking” and “bowing” to Communist China while they’re herding ethnic Uighurs into concentration camps. A chyron also warned of “the slippery slope toward making ‘never again’ meaningless.” Amid that strong denunciation, Tapper used a claim from an anti-Trump book to lump President Trump in there as well.

After leading into his closing comments by taking a swipe at Trump and chiding his response to the coronavirus, Tapper set his sights on Disney. “So, then maybe you seek this respite and you subscribe to Disney+, Disney’s streaming service and you turn on their new live-action film Mulan, fun, nice, family-friendly. But maybe you stay for the credits,” he said while getting somber. “And you see Disney thank the propaganda authorities of the ruling Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang.

With the chyron calling Mulan “troubled territory,” Tapper processed to call out Disney for thanking the Chinese authorities responsible for running the Uighur concentration camps.


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