CNN’s Stelter Ignores Cuomo Scandal, Fox’s Kurtz Excoriates Media Hacks


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As so-called Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter ignored New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s unfolding nursing home and sexual harassment scandals on CNN Sunday, Howard Kurtz wasted no time jumping right into it for Fox News Channel’s MediaBuzz. He was later joined by Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway as they formed a tag-team duo against the liberal media spin machine and their Cuomo hypocrisy.

“When Andrew Cuomo held a press conference the other day to apologize for his behavior toward young women, all three cable news networks carried it live,” he announced before the title card even left the screen. “A tacit admission that the media had botched this story by  initially ignored it, playing it down, nothing to see here, let's move right along, and ‘hmm, I wonder what Donald Trump is up to.’”

After noting the CBS interview with Cuomo’s second accuser, Charlotte Bennett, Kurtz called them out for trying to cover for Cuomo in the beginning. “But the first instinct of the network newscasts, CNN, MSNBC was to do as little as possible, and sometimes nothing about the Democratic governor. They were kind of acting like political operatives,” he chided, holding up a finger to see which way the wind was blowing.

“They are scrambling for higher moral ground because they can no longer control the news agenda,” he rhetorically dropped the mic. And as a testament to how fired up he was, all of this happened before Kurtz had introduced either himself or the show.


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