CNN's Sellers Lumps in Covington Kids With Northam

Ryan Foley | February 2, 2019
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During Friday’s edition of Anderson Cooper 360, the eponymous host and his panel reacted to the breaking news of the evening surrounding Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam.  A picture from Northam’s medical school days has surfaced, featuring two men dressed up in racist costumes on Northam’s yearbook page.  One man is dressed up in blackface, the other is wearing a Ku Klux Klan costume.  Not surprisingly, CNN Political Commentator and former Democratic South Carolina state legislator Bakari Sellers condemned Northam and called on him to resign.  But he also used the opportunity to lump in Northam with the kids at Covington Catholic High School, who faced accusations of racism later proven unwarranted: “We were talking about the Covington Catholic kids and their behavior being appalling and unacceptable and the way they interacted with the Native American at the Lincoln Memorial.”  Sellers concluded his remarks by comparing Northam to President Trump: “I can’t even criticize the President of the United States for being racist if I can’t criticize Governor Northam for dressing up in KKK garb when he was 25 years old.”


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