CNN's Rye: MAGA Hats Represent 'Someone Who Has Trafficked in Racism'

Ryan Foley | January 24, 2019
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During Tuesday's edition of Cuomo Prime Time, host Chris Cuomo engaged in a discussion about the Covington kids with CNN Political Commentators Angela Rye and Andre Bauer. Cuomo prefaced the conversation by describing the situation as a "tough spot for all involved" and complaining that "the President used the situation to his advantage, however, tweeting 'Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be.'" Shortly after Cuomo expressed his disgust that "the President chose to take sides to divide," Rye used her platform to declare war on Make America Great Again hats; arguing that they represent "the man who announced his campaign as, you know, with Mexicans being drug dealers and rapists and let's build this wall." She also described President Trump as "someone who has trafficked in racism" and argued that "it is hard to divorce his policies, the rhetoric, the propaganda, (and) his supporters from these actions."

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