CNN's Powers Compares Melania Trump to Marie Antoinette and a Teenager

Ryan Foley | June 22, 2018
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During Thursday's edition of Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Political Commentator Kirsten Powers weighed in on First Lady Melania Trump's controversial jacket choice:  "Right, but I think this is their core message that they don’t care, that she would go down there and do this it tells us everything that we need to know. I mean, she’s officially the Marie Antoinette of this Administration that should just say, let them eat cake. That is literally the message he is sending, that they just don’t care about what’s happening there."  As Powers, host Anderson Cooper and fellow panelist Dana Bash weighed in on the possibility that Melania might have tried to send some kind of message with the jacket, Powers took another swipe at Melania: "And she’s like a teenager literally, like this is something a teenager would do, although honestly, a teenager that was a child of a President would not do this typically."

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