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CNN's Lemon: Trump 'Doesn't Just Surround Himself' With Dictators, 'He Wants to Follow Their Lead'


During his opening monologue Wednesday night, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon pondered "why this President loves to surround himself with strong men, with dictators." Lemon proceeded to criticize President Trump for meeting with dictators in the Oval Office and around the world; apparently forgetting that President Obama attended a baseball game with Cuban dictator Raul Castro. Lemon continued to trash President Trump: "This President doesn't just surround himself with strong men, leaders whose word is law, it seems he wants to follow their lead." He cited the White House's refusal to hand over documents to the House Judiciary Committee as the first example of President Trump's dictatorial instincts, followed by the administration's refusal to hand over President Trump's tax returns. Lemon also excoriated Attorney General Bill Barr for joking with Nancy Pelosi about contempt of Congress. 

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