CNN’s Gloria Borger, Who Hates Reagan Comparisons, Compares Biden to Reagan

Scott Whitlock | February 1, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Shorter Gloria Borger: Enough with the Ronald Reagan comparisons. Except when I make them. The CNN chief political analyst appeared on Monday’s Newsroom to link Joe Biden to Reagan, suggesting the strategy by the liberal Democrat is the same. Talking to Brianna Keilar about the COVID relief bill, she declared, “I think they're making a really big bet here, Brianna. And the big bet here is this COVID relief package is going to be more popular with the country, including Republicans in the country, than it probably will be with Republicans in the Congress.” Then, Keilar made the Reagan comparison: “So it kind of reminds me in a way of Ronald Reagan who very often went over the heads of members of Congress who didn't support him and went to the American people and tried to shore up support for his plan outside of the Congress if he couldn't get it inside the Congress.”

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