CNN's Cuomo Suggests Mounted BP Agent Belongs Back During Slavery

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 20, 2021
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On Monday, the liberal media really started paying attention to the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border but it wasn’t the nearly 15,000 Haitians living in squalid conditions under a bridge they were concerned about. Suggesting the image of a mounted Border Patrol agent attempting to stop an illegal immigrant was “a kind of barbarism and we have to be better than,” CNN Prime Time host Chris Cuomo went on a screed against the agent; equating him to either a slave master or someone hunting runaway slaves.

We really are in the throes of this country of figuring out who we are and what we're about. And I was taken aback by a single image that should make you pay attention to a problem,” Cuomo lamented as he returned from a commercial.

According to his hysterics, the unnamed Border Patrol agent leaning off his horse to grab a man trying to illegally enter the country was the kind of racist you would see pre-Civil War.


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