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CNN’s Cuomo Attacks Sanders from the Left, Trump ‘Cleaning Your Clock!’


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During an interview with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I) on Thursday’s Cuomo Prime Time, CNN host Chris Cuomo’s rage boiled over as attacked his guest for not doing more to stop President Trump and the GOP agenda. “He's cleaning your clock on the policy matters,” he yelled, clearly agitated with the string of victories and good news for Trump and GOP.

The interview began with both Cuomo and Sanders knocking Trump for saying in a private meeting that some immigrants come from “sh*thole counties.” But that gave way to Cuomo railing against his guest and the Democrats for losing so much.

For all the ugly words that comes out of him, and the beating he gets from the media, and with due criticism, he is cleaning the Democrats and yours by extension. He's cleaning your clock on the policy matters,” Cuomo angrily declared. “He got the mandate withdrawn, he got the tax cut, you had highground coming out of that, because he did it along straight partisan lines, dividing this country by party and socioeconomics.


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