CNN's Camerota Shocked 14 Women Could Make Claims Against Bill Clinton

MarkF | December 31, 2015
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"Is that right? Fourteen?" Check out Alisyn Camerota, 1:21 into the video clip. The shock and surprise in the voice of the CNN host is stupendous! Yes, who could possibly imagine that, as CNN commentator Errol Louis stated on this morning's New Day, there are 14 women who could potentially make allegations of improprieties against Bill Clinton?

If Camerota had only looked into CNN's own files, she wouldn't be so shocked. The Starr report includes Monica Lewinsky's testimony that Clinton personally told her that "he had had hundreds of affairs" before the age of 40. And Dick Morris is on record saying Clinton had "hundreds of women" just during his time in the White House. Whatever the precise number, does Camerota imagine that Clinton conducted himself like Sir Galahad in all his encounters?