CNN's Camerota Accuses Conservative Christians of 'Demonizing Migrants'

bradwilmouth | July 5, 2019
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On Friday's New Day show, as Alisyn Camerota interviewed Sister Norma Pimentel about the mental condition of illegal immigrant children who pass through her care at a shelter she runs after they are released from Border Patrol detention, the CNN host invited her guest to criticize fellow Christians who are allegedly "demonizing migrants."

No mention was made that some have made legitimate criticisms of adults who have put their children in danger by having them cross into the U.S. illegally, or the role of Congress in not providing enough funding to quickly process the surge in illegal immigration.

After discussing reports that children in her custody have drawn pictures of what it was like to be held in cage-like detention structures, and what she would have said to President Donald Trump if he had not canceled a previously scheduled meeting with her, Camerota suggested that some conservatives are not being good Christians as she posed:

People of faith, such as yourself, I mean, of all faiths, really, believe in protecting children and in providing shelter for the neediest. And so what do you say to fellow Catholics or Christians or whomever you want to address that are having such a hard time right now with the influx of migrants and say that they should go home and they should stay there, and are really kind of demonizing, frankly, the migrants themselves?

The only time there was any suggestion that these children were brought into the country by adults illegally was when Camerota read a tweet from President Trump in which he defended the conditions at detention facilities, with Camerota asking Sister Pimentel for her response.

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