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CNN's Bash Praises 'Dynamic' Gillum: 'He is Exciting When He Talks'


During Wednesday's edition of CNN's New Day, Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash weighed in on the results of Tuesday night's primaries in the state of Florida. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders-backed candidate Andrew Gillum beat out the establishment favorite Gwen Graham to win the party's nomination for Governor. Bash praised Gillum as "dynamic" and "exciting when he talks," if she was Chris Matthews, she might have said that she had a "thrill" up her leg.  She gave a less flattering analysis of the Republican gubernatorial nominee, Ron Desantis, whom she described as "Trump Jr," adding that President Trump "couldn't probably create a better his liking...than Desantis."  Bash expressed her excitement for the general election, where "we are going to see finally a real debate between...two characters and two individuals who represent very, very different ideals."  

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