CNN’s Acosta Uses Olympics to Mock Trump Supporters, Time to ‘Flush’ Them Away

Brent Baker | February 14, 2022
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“If document preservation hypocrisy were an Olympic sport, Trump would easily take home the gold,” CNN anchor Jim Acosta charged Saturday afternoon in citing allegations about how the former president had mishandled documents, including the allegation he flushed some down a White House toilet.

After ridiculing Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ted Cruz, Acosta suggested “the MAGA Olympics could follow the lead set by China with its free-style skiing competition at a dystopian looking Beijing industrial park.” Acosta snidely proposed: “Perhaps in 2024, Trump could run for the White House under the banner the TIC, the Trump Insurrection Committee. He could bring home yet another gold toilet. But honestly, this is what happens when you allow somebody like Trump to clog the pipes of American democracy. Now that the GOP has failed to root out the problem, it’s up to the American people to flush as many times as possible.”

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