CNNer Admits CNN Is Intolerant of Conservatives, Panel Smears GOP


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During Sunday’s so-called “Reliable Sources,” CNN got to talk about their favorite topic (more so than former President Trump): themselves! Host Brian Stelter kicked off the show with a smorgasbord of stories that all had to with CNN, allowing them to wrap themselves in toxic narcissism. Asides from touting how CNN handled Chris Cuomo’s lack of journalistic ethics, Stelter led the panel in bashing and smearing Republicans along the way.

After talking about Chris Cuomo helping his brother survive his sexual misconduct scandal, Stelter beamed as he boasted about CNN firing former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum after he said some clumsy things about Native Americans and the origin of America’s system of government.

And for “context for this decision by CNN,” Stelter looked to CNN columnist and Columbia University “scholar” Nicole Hemmer, who said it reminded her of MSNBC firing Pat Buchanan. She then admitted that CNN was no longer tolerant of conservative views, such as those of Santorum.


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