CNN Wonders if Israel-UAE Peace is About Trump's Re-Election

Alex Christy | August 13, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] After President Trump announced a historic diplomatic deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates on Thursday, CNN Newsroom host Kate Bolduan and White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins spent more time wondering how Trump will use the deal to boost his re-election chances with Collins going so far as to insinuate the timing of the announcement is suspiciously close to the election.

After summarizing administration officials' statements on the importance of the deal and how it will help the U.S. and our allies stand up to Iran, Collins noted the timing, "And, of course, we should note they're announcing this agreement with the president's election coming up, certainly something he's going to try to tout on the campaign trail in the next few weeks as he's making his case to voters."

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