CNN Wonders If Ferguson Prosecutor Should 'Overrule the Grand Jury'


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<p>Two CNN anchors channeled the supporters of Michael Brown&#39;s family on the 25 November 2014 edition of <em>Early Start</em>, as they played up how St. Louis County, Missouri Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch presented the Brown case to a grand jury, instead of pursuing charges himself. Chris Cuomo, reporting live from Ferguson, asserted that &quot;the grand jury itself is a dinosaur,&quot; and pointed out that &quot;the prosecutor could still bring charges even after the grand jury.&quot;</p>

<p>Cuomo added that &quot;one of the major complaints from sober minds here in Ferguson was that...if this prosecutor wanted to bring a case, he would just have brought it himself &ndash; that this was punting. You keep hearing the term &#39;punting&#39; &ndash; to put this on a grand jury.&quot;</p>

<p><em>Early Start</em> anchor Deborah Feyerick then forwarded her colleague&#39;s point during the following segment with Eric Zahnd, a prosecuting attorney from a neighboring country in the Show Me State:</p>

<p class="rteindent1">DEBORAH FEYERICK: ...[W]e heard Chris Cuomo saying that basically, the prosecutor could have brought charges independently &ndash; that, in fact, by using a grand jury, he punted. Now, the D.A. has an ethical obligation to only bring those cases in which he thinks he can get a conviction. Could the prosecutor right now &ndash; say, basically, overrule the grand jury and say, charges should be filed &ndash; whether they be first-degree, second-degree, voluntary/involuntary manslaughter?</p>

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