CNN Whines Nadler vs. Maloney: Shouldn't 'Have Even Happened' and 'Nuts'

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 24, 2022
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As part of the Democratic Party primaries in New York Tuesday night, one of the “liberal lions of Manhattan politics,” Representative Carolyn Maloney lost to fellow lion Representative Jerry Nadler after their districts were consolidated and rearranged via a court order. But on that night’s Don Lemon Tonight, the “journalists” of CNN were less than enthused about two big-named Democrats forced to battle it out with one losing their seat entirely.

“Let's talk about Representative Jerry Nadler. He won decisively over Representative Carolyn Maloney who, is going home, after decades of serving New York,” Lemon lamented to CNN political director David Chalian.

Chalian began his comments by venting: “This is a race that never, really, was expected, or anticipated, or perhaps should have even happened.”