CNN: 'We're Not Complaining' About Press Briefings, 'Just Pointing it Out'


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In one of the most ridiculous segments on CNN Wednesday, host Don Lemon claimed that he and other personalities of the organization weren’t complaining about the Trump White House’s press briefings. “But this is just more about pointing out the hypocrisy in all this. Listen, we're not complaining here. We're just pointing it out to you, everyone,” he managed to say with a straight face on CNN Tonight. That assertion came after CNN had spent the first half of the week shouting from the rooftops about how the White House wasn’t allowing video coverage of the daily White House press briefings.

And un-ironically, Lemon’s declaration of intent came after he and his liberal journalist guests spent the first 10 minutes of the show discussing the press briefings. “Yesterday's press briefing was on camera. A good portion of it was to attack the press. And unfairly do it. Is this about the president needing an enemy,” he asked David Chalian.


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