On CNN, WashPost's Parker Mangles Ted Cruz's Remarks, Christianity


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<p>On the 11 January 2016 edition of CNN's <i>AC360</i>, Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker revealed her own ignorance of Christian teachings, as she targeted Senator Ted Cruz for something "astonishing" he recently said at a campaign stop: ""I don't think there's any chance Ted Cruz can win a general — and here's why....He said...'It's time for the Body of Christ to rise up and support me.' I don't know anyone who takes their religion seriously who would think that Jesus should rise from the grave and resurrect himself to serve Ted Cruz. I know so many people who are offended by that comment."</p>
<p>Parker went on to assert that "if you want to talk about grandiosity and messianic self-imagery...Ted Cruz makes Donald Trump look rather, sort of, like a gentle little lamb." The former CNN host also contended, "I don't see independents falling in line behind Ted Cruz."</p>

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