CNN Tries To Hype Biden as a Moderate On The Border

Sarah Butler | June 5, 2024
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On Tuesday, CNN’s host of OutFront, Erin Burnett, lamented President Joe Biden is being slammed by his own party for  his immigration executive order and took the opportunity to hype him as a moderate on the issue.

Burnett noted that immigration is an important issue to the American people and reminded viewers that “Biden consistently polls far below Trump on the issue and asked Ron Brownstein, CNN’s senior political analyst, if he thought this attention would help Biden as he campaigned. Brownstein answered that the public opinion on immigration and immigration policy always move in different directions, “from my experience writing about this since the early 1990s when Republicans are in, when Trump was in, there was pretty broad resistance to a lot of the hardline measures that he pursued…”

Brownstein then compared Biden to Trump's administration. He observed that “there is now much more support from any of the harsher things that Trump wanted to do. I don't think Biden can close that gap given all that’s happened in the last few years, but I do think that adopting this, which was kind of the sharpest tool in the armory of that bipartisan Senate bill gives him more ground to stand on to say, look, I'm taking reasonable steps to secure the border, and this allows him I think also a stronger position to criticize some of the things that Trump wants to do in a second term.”