CNN Tries to Emotionally Blackmail Democrat into Backing Ceasefire

Kathryn Eiler | March 14, 2024
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In a discussion about the war in Gaza Thursday morning, CNN This Morning co-host Sara Sidner attempted to emotionally blackmail Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) into agreeing with the pro-Palestinian calls for immediate ceasefire while Hamas still retained hundreds of hostages, including Americans.

Sidner led into the discussion pitting Vice President Kamala Harris’s call for “immediate ceasefire” against President Biden’s pro-Israel stance, in an attempt to show Schultz that the administration was as divided on this issue as the rest of America. “There is confusion I think a little bit of the administration’s stance on a ceasefire. We heard from Vice President Kamala Harris, who came out very forcefully and publicly saying an immediate ceasefire needs to happen, right now,” she said.

Schultz quickly responded that while Harris used the words “immediate ceasefire” in a speech the other day, the VP also noted that it would be at least six weeks. Recognizing Sidner’s conversational direction, Schultz explained to Sidner why the administration was supportive of Israel.