CNN Tries to Bust ‘Media Misconceptions’ Like Political Bias, ‘Malicious Intent’

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 26, 2021
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On the last so-called “Reliable Sources” of 2021, CNN media apologist Brian Stelter set out to bust some of the “misconceptions” the public had about the media. The misconceptions that needed to be battled included the idea that they have “malicious intent” when they publish fake news and that the media’s political biases were being actively offset internally, resulting in balanced journalism.

To help him in this endeavor, Stelter leaned on veteran journalist and podcaster Mara Schiavocampo. “The single most one is we are lying. There's a lot of media mistrust. I hear this all the time,” she lamented when asked what’s the largest misconception.

According to her, there was no “malicious intent” on behalf of the media when they make, what Stelter called, “innocent” mistakes. “Most journalists by and large take great pride in getting things right. And it's tremendously shameful to make a mistake and they own up to it very quickly,” she asserted, chalking most up to “human error.”


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