CNN Touts ‘Moderating Inflation Picture’ that Excludes Energy and Food

Ana Schau | August 11, 2023
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On CNN This Morning’s Thursday program, anchor Victor Blackwell brought CNN business correspondent Rahel Solomon on the show to discuss the July inflation report. Amid much praise of how well the economy had purportedly been doing, Solomon emphasized the “moderating inflation picture” in comparison with past months, and the “core inflation” that removed some of the most relevant factors, such as the cost of energy and food, from the final number to bring it to a place that looked better.

Solomon began her praise of the “nuanced inflation report” with a disclaimer that “at face value it actually looks like an acceleration,” but quickly proceeded to “put this in context.” She related the “headline inflation” to “what inflation was doing a year ago,” since this comparison would obviously make the new percentages look good.